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:uhoh21: Hi everyone.... :) . I haven't been here in a while so it feels good to be back. I am seeking some serious advice about nursing school. I was accepted into a private college for the Fall of 2005. I won't start my nursing courses until Fall 2006. I transferred from my cc after failing Nursing 1 by 2 points.... :crying2: . But that's okay, it was a learning experience and I have to move on. At the college that I have been accepted to, I have to successfully pass the NLN exam and take six courses in order to be eligible for one of the 50 slots. I transferred Eng. 101 and 102, and Chem 101 from my CC. I still have to take Micro, Statistics and College Algebra & Trig. (I'm taking Micro and College Alg. this Fall). The only problem is that their nursing courses are only offered during the Fall and Spring. So that means I'll be at the school for 4 years. A friend of mine is also trying to get into a nursing program and she applied to a very prestigious but affordable university in our area. One of the admission counselors told her that she may as well go for another degree and then come into the accelerated nursing program, which is a 14 month program. She told her that there is no waiting list for the accelerated program. The other side to it is that she'll get 2 degrees in 4 years. It sounds great, but part of me is questioning how intense the work will be....14 months for a bachelor's degree.... :uhoh21: I guess what I'm asking for is some advice. I'm a 32 wife and mother to 4 children...and I'm trying to make the best decision for my family and myself.

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Hi Fatima, Welcome back!

The only thing I can say is that at my University the accelerated program is VERY intense. I thought for awhile I should have attempted it, however,it would not have been compatible for me and my family and I am glad I did not.

I do, however, have friends in the program who have recently graduated and the program was a good choice for them. Most of them are young and unmarried. They were glad they chose this option.

I know how much dedication and time that the traditional program takes. For me and my family it has been all we could do. I am a good student with great grades. I do not think I could have kept my gpa where I like it to be, been the wife and mother that I want to be and kept my sanity while being in MY University's accelerated program. :uhoh3:

I have two semesters left of a four year program. The time really has gone by fast. I can hardly belive I am almost done. I also had some college prior to starting the program so it was not like I had to start at the complete beginning. I think it will have taken me three years. This time next year, I will be working!!

I say all of this to say: check out your program. Ask around and talk to some of the students who are currently enrolled or who have graduated recently. This will give you a good indication as to how much time and dedication it will require of you. This will allow you and your family to make the choice that is best for YOU.

Nursing school has been like nothing I have ever done. It is NOT impossible!! You can do it and it will so be worth it!! The only other piece of advice is to make sure your family is supportive. I could not have survived the past few semesters without the support of my dh and children. When I walk down the aisle next year at graduation, it will be the five of us who have completed the program! :balloons: :balloons:

Best wishes to you!


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Hey Fatima! I am originally from NJ too.....Hunterdon County. :) It sounds like you have a tough choice to make. I wish I had done an accelerated program, but I don't have any kids. Since you have 4 (I know what a handful that can be--I come from a family of 4 kids and we were crazy!), I would say that you would have to have an extremely supportive husband/family to get you through those 14 months. It also depends on you. Since you're a mom, I know you are Superwoman (honestly, I have seen moms in our program & I admire them tremendously), but it'll even be tough for you. But, it's only 14 months, so you have to decide if you can see the light that is already shining at the end of the tunnel in a program that fast! :)

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