Transitions in the Books, finally!

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After rescheduling twice, because I was being a bum, I finally took transitions today. I studied for 2 days and got a B, so I am pretty happy with that!

6 more tests left to go! Recently I have resigned from my work in order to pursue school full time as well... have a few weeks left because I wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of before I left but I needed to focus on my exams 100% and I haven't even come close to doing that!

Time to get ready to register for my next exams. Actually, I need to pay the registration fee first I guess. :p


I'm kinda on the same boat... I've recently resigned from my full-time position and I'm going per diem starting Nov 1st.

Like you, I need more time to focus on my school. I also homeschool my 2 girls :uhoh3: :uhoh3: so, as you can imagine,that can get pretty hectic. However, I've been homeschooling for over 10 years and stopping now is not an option. I'm just thankful that I have the option at this point in my life to cut down on work and focus more on school.

Hopefully, we'll be done soon :)

All the best to you as you work toward your degree!

You are lucky to be in a position that you can spend more time on school. Use your time wisely. And congrats on getting Transitions out of the way! No more boredom.


What study materials did you use?

I had the books but honestly, the material was so dry that I just couldn't use them. So I used the StudyGroup101 and the EC Practice tests.

And I am definitely going to use every second of time I can while I'm not working. It will be very tight for us, budget-wise, but worth every second of my sanity!

Great! Thank you. I have the StudyGroup101 guides. Glad to know they'll be of help soon.

I wish you well on the rest of your studies.

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