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I have 4+ years of nursing experience on Intermediate Care (1.5 yrs), Multisystem/Transplant ICU (6 mo), Multisystem PCU (2 yrs), and Hospice nursing (6 mo). I have been an ANM at my current role for over a year now, effectively the full time charge nurse with some additional administrative duties. Hopefully I will not be too rusty on the hands-on clinical skills.

I am now going to be transitioning to a bedside nurse role at Level 1 Trauma Center on the Trauma Stepdown floor, with an anticipated 3 months of orientation time. There will evidently be a lot of crossover with Trauma ICU, and many nurses eventually crosstrain and work both.

I have picked up Asif Anwar's "Critical Care, Trauma, and Emergency Medicine" and I could see where that would be a useful pocket or desk guide, however it does not go into much detail at all. Anyone have any book suggestions to get a head start on learning? I have seen the TNCC mentioned, but I can't decide if this looks like something for a novice trauma nurse, or meant like the CCRN for an experienced nurse to get certified in their field of knowledge.

Any tips for success with this transition? I am both a little scared and very excited which always tells me I am making the right move!


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TNCC is mostly helpful for ER nurses. I recommend taking trauma care after resus (TCAR). TNCC and ATCN can also he helpful.

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I also high recommend TCAR! Great course that goes beyond the ED and initial resuscitation. The website for classes is Class Calendar - TCAR Education Programs