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I have a favor to ask of you all - if I may draw from all the different backgrounds here.......

A series of events and conversations has led me to look into trying to write an article for any nursing journal that might be interested. I've discussed this with an educator as our hospital's SON and she helped me develop the idea.

My idea is to do a 3 part series adressing the transition from new grad to working nurse. I am halfway through my own first year and I'm finding myself asking for salve for the burns on my butt from "baptism by fire". Although unfortunate, chaos and disorganization in orientation/preceptorship seems to be the norm around our area. I want to keep this a simple, focused acknowledgement of "reality shock" and some self care concepts to survive it......maybe ending with some physician/nurse communication tips I hope the residents I work with here will give me some input on.

I was an LPN for years before obtaining my RN and I've dabbled in some lay-counseling, so I feel comfortable tackling a "touchy feely" subject as opposed to a more clincal article.

I've also started keeping a journal of creative ideas, quotes and outline structure to clean up later. I've also started some internet research and am finding a wealth of info on this area. Maybe too much at this point.

Anyway - any tips on journal publishing or invaluable pearls of

wisdome from the trenches?

(Sometimes that manic energy burst I get at the end of a night shift

gets me into trouble!)

Dawn in PA


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Sorry... I have no input to help with your subject matter. However, I am the owner of a website for nursing students, and I believe that would be a good article for my site. Let me know when you finish it.

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