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I am an LPN (6 yrs) in Vancouver, Canada. I need 2 more courses to become RN, but have a chance to move to Arizona now (Scottsdale) Any chance of transferring credits? I am an American Citizen....Any ideas??? Much appreciated....

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I have transfered credits many times. I have ran into difficulty getting people to take some of the credits. I went to several nursing schools around my new home and took them my transcript and then asked then what are you going to take and what do I need to complete. I had people who would only take one class from all of my LPN work to those who took everything and would let me clep out of everything except for 2 classes. The public schools seemed to want to take less classes, so I went with a private Christian college. Another thing to think about is all of the BSN programs I have looked at only excepted one class from the LPN classes, BUT the ADN programs would take almost everything if not everything. You can then complete your ADN and take 30 hours and have your BSN. It was a lot quicker for me to complete 2 classes and have a ADN and then take 30 hours and have a BSN vs taking virtually everything over again, with the exception of 3 hours.

Just a little word of advise. Where ever you decide to go get everyhing in writing, meaning make the college sit down and write out all the classes that you will need. That way at a later time if there are any questions you have proof and are not stuck taking things over again. If you have any more questions please email me @ [email protected]

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