Transfering into LPN program from RN next month



I recently came across Allnurses...looks like a great community of nurses and students :) maybe you can provide some guidance.

Next month (Spring 14 semester) I'm transfering into my community college's LPN program after failing (73%!) out of my RN program. Twice.

(Sigh) This RN journey started over 3 yrs ago with pre-reqs, waiting lists, and well, you know how it is....then I failed Med/Surg and retook I failed OB/Peds/Pysch semester (3rd semester) and am OUT of RN due to my school's policies.

Thankfully they are allowing me to transfer into LPN program and I will graduate in Aug 14 (fingers-crossed). I feel defeated, however. After a 3 yr journey I am exhausted mentally...and financially. I'm 37 with 2 kids and a spouse and the entire family has given up a lot for me to do this....and we acquired a lot of debt in doing so.

I struggled with critical thinking as a RN student; thankfully I do well in clinicals and love working and taking care of my patients as a nursing student :) I fear now I will have the same struggles as a LPN student in critical thinking.

Has anyone been through this and can offer any support? Can I still be successful as a nurse? Is the criticial thinking any different for a LPN than for RN? I hope I don't lose everything I've worked so hard for. On the "bright" side...I've earned an Assoc of Arts from my school because of the the credits I've accumulated in 3 yrs!

Thanks everyone...

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I can't answer your question about critical thinking, as I'm about to enter an lvn program myself. At least you'll have experience as a nursing student, so I would think that would be a big help for you. I do wish you the best of luck! :)


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No one has any advice? No one has been through this? Thanks for reading if you did....


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Thanks for replying bella_

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Critical thinking is hard for me to. I am just going into the lpn program so I can't offer advice yet. All I can say is you can do this! You have made it this far! Maybe try a new way to study this time around. I know having a family and being a student is hard! I'm married with a two year old and I just no I will have limited time to study! But if there is a will there is a way!


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At my school the LPN program is the first two semester of the RN program. We did have to do a lot of critical thinking but I think since you've already had the courses you will do well. Since you like your clinicals and love patients I think that's 90% of what's important in nursing. I initially started out to do RN but didn't get a good enough grade in Biochem. I'm a lot older than you and I get your frustrations. Good luck to you.


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thank you all! in Ohio where I live LPN is a separate program (certificate) than RN (assoc degree) and although I completed the first 2 semesters of RN school successfully I am not permitted to take the NCLEX-PN :(


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Our program is separate as well but I think the RN students can take the pn nclex. We have a "bridge" program to go from lpn to rn, it is an extra semester but we do not have to repetition. That's a shame you cannot take the nclex. Well, you will have tons of knowledge when you are done!! Best of luck to you.


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Critical thinking is a big part of the LPN program as well so there is that.

Do you know why you didn't pass? If its because answering NCLEX style questions is difficult for you, then I would suggest using an NCLEX PN prep book as part of your studies..for instance when studying developmental stages in peds, use the NCLEX book to practice developmental stages questions and read the rationales.