Transfering to CSU Nursing Programs help!!


Hello, let me introduce myself first.

after high school graduation, i go to UC Riverside straight.

and i drop out from there after 1 year cuz i wanted to change my major to Nursing, but UCR didn't have that major.

after drop out, i went to CC, and trying to start prerequisite to transfer to CSU Nursing Program in future.

MY goal is going to CSULA, but major difficulty is i do not know what to take

the sheet that counselor in my CC gave to me is different than what i found from internet.

  1. human anatomy (with lab)
  2. human physiology
  3. microbiology
  4. chemistry (integrated chemistry or organic chemistry are recommended)
  5. written communication
  6. oral communication
  7. statistics
  8. critical thinking

these are list of prerequs. from internet.

The list from sheet that counselor gave me is list above plus psych101, socio101, developmental psych, and nutrition.

which list are correct?

my second question is,

i took chem1A (at UCR) -which is general chem

I got C for that class and C- from lab

i heard CSU doesn't count C- grade, but i got C for lecture

should i retake that class in CC?

AND! IS CSU gonna reject me because i already went to University?

i feel so worried and confused if i can accept

my CC counselors look like don't have much information abt trasnfering CSU Nursing

Please help!!

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Look at the list provided by CSULA specifically because that is the school you are trying to get into. Every school has different pre-reqs.

EDIT: You will not get rejected simply because you've already attended another university. It used to be (not even that long ago), that you couldn't go the traditional BSN route at a CSU if you already possessed a bachelor's degree, you could only go the aBSN route. This was only recently changed. Previous degree holders are now allowed to apply to traditional BSN programs at the CSUs. I'll post a link to the new legislation that states this when I get a chance.


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The additional courses are CSU requirements. Check out the CSULA site. I had to take all of those for Sonoma State (final semester of my BSN!).

Find out the repeat policy for the C-. They may or may not accept repeated courses.

Look at the actual program sites. Every counselor you talk to will give you different answers. I've taken unnecessary courses before because of an idiot counselor.

School of Nursing Here's the CSULA nursing site. It'll give you more straight answers. If they're not on the actual site, check out the application, because those will generally list what you need.

I know there are second bacc students in my program. Having a degree or credits from UC won't count against you at all. Most of us have at least some units that we had to transfer from somewhere, and/or have changed majors more than once (myself included).