Transfer from women to men? Medium to max?


Any advice on transferring from a women's medium security prison to a men's maximum security? I put in for a transfer for a number of reasons. Any advice on making the transition? Or how long it takes to get notification that the request has been received? I will call Monday if I don't hear back from them this week. My main concern is the lack of training; I have been working for seven months and have had absolutely none of the mandatory training, so I'm concerned my request will be denied because of this.

Everyone is encouraging me to make this transition. The nurses and security staff all know I have a 3 hour commute right now, and the men's prison is only about 45 minutes from my house. Between the commute of doom and the inability to get the training I'm required to have, I'm just about done and would have quit a week ago if I didn't need to work. As much as I do like my job, I'm so frustrated right now. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated, even if it's just telling me to put on my big girl pants and get over it ;)

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You will find the male inmates MUCH easier to work with. Women fight all the time, have seizures all the time, and there is all that "female stuff" to worry about. Men have different issues, but I have worked with both, and I will NEVER go back to a women's prison. UGH. You will be happier by far, unless you are just really into women's health care.

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Female inmates can be mentally exhausting for the nurse to deal with due to their psych issues and behavior. Male inmates can be a challenge due to their "hits" on other inmates, stabbings, assaults, etc. I'd rather deal with male inmates. If you like psych, you may rather stay with female inmates. If you prefer ER, trauma, you may rather work with male inmates. Higher custody male facilities will have more frequent violence. If it's a maximum security or even medium security male prison you will be responding to very violent scenes (think airway and then plug holes). It's hard, too, because sometimes the patients are officers who have been attacked, and you feel the responsibility of trying to care for a coworker.