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Transfer Nursing

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Hi guys,

I am located in New York and I am applying as a transfer student for Fall'15. I know that it's kind of late to start applying now but i still want to give it a shot and not waste a semester taking off. I need help searching for a college that will accept transfer students with my current stats for nursing. It could be any college on the east coast but i would prefer somewhere that is closer to New York.

I currently have a GPA of 3.4, with most of the pre-reqs for nursing finished or going to take it spring semester. I am currently enrolled in a CC and will be getting my Associates degree in Liberal Arts by end of Spring'15.


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Your best option is to research which colleges you are interested in that offer a nursing program.

Then you can go those colleges websites and look to see if they take transfer students. If the information is not clear online, you can always call the nursing department of a particular college and they will gladly assist you.

After you have narrowed down your option then pick the one that is the best for you.

The point is that no one can do your work for you, we can point you into the right direction but you must put the effort if you want something.

Good luck!

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Google is your friend.

First, make a list of all the states you're willing to go to school in. Then Google that state's name along with the phrase "NCLEX pass rates". For example, "New York NCLEX pass rates". One of the first few search results should be the New York BON with a list of all the accredited nursing programs in the state with their corresponding pass rates. If you can't find it, add the phrase "BON" to your search results. You should be able to find at least 20 schools in 5 different states with pass rates above 90% in about 20 minutes.

Then send each school an email with a brief outline of your pre-reqs and grades, say you're interested in transferring, and then ask for an unofficial timeline of which you might expect to be accepted. Out of the 20 emails, you'll likely get 10 responses, and maybe one or two or three may give you an actual timeline. Then pick the soonest one and start the application process.

You can have the search completed and emails sent in two hours or so. You should have responses back in a week.

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