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Hi everyone,

I am wondering if anybody on here has heard of or themselves have transferred from a nursing program at one university to another university without having to start at year 1 (for example, transfer from year 3 at one school to year 3 or even year 2 at another.).. and more specifically, into schools in Ontario, such as Ryerson or Brock.

It seems to be a very difficult thing to pull off if not impossible. Any details would be greatly appreciated!



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Thank you very much for your reply!

I can't PM you because I haven't contributed at least 15 times yet.

The counselor at that university seems much more helpful than the university I am applying to. They basically told me that they wouldn't look at the courses I am hoping to get transferred until I get admitted into their school. So I have no idea whether they are seen as equivalents at this point. I may very well have to start off at first year again but hopefully, that won't be the case. If they are seen as equivalents, then I have all of their first year courses completed. What kind of worries me is that they said they have never heard of a nursing student transfer happen before.. but I am just hoping this is because it is not a very common thing that happens.

Anyways, I appreciate your response very much. It gives me some hope that this could work out!