Transfer or EL-MSN?


Hello all,

I am currently a freshman and I have a true passion to become a nurse. Unfortunately, I was not able to declare a "pre-nursing" major at my campus due to my GPA in highschool, therefore not being able to pursue an undergrad in nursing.

I am thinking about maybe transferring to another campus to hopefully obtain a nursing degree, or decide to go the EL-MSN route. I've been looking into both, but being that I am only a freshman I have quite a long ways to go before finalizing my decision.

Has anyone transferred to a CSU? (CSU-to-CSU) or went the EL-MSN route? If so, how dificult was it to transfer and where did you attend?

Any insight, advice, thought and opinions would be appreciated.

Thank you!


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I would urge you to just pursue the BSN instead of obtaining another degree and then getting into nursing. You won't have the financial aid available to you, and it'll take you so much longer.

Have you considered taking your lower division and prereqs at a community college? It would save you money, and you can choose whatever major you want. Few CSUs have much preference for native students, and those that do generally offer it to those from local CCs as well.

Do what you need to do to pursue nursing now, if you know that's what you want, and do what it takes to earn As, because GPA is everything when it comes to applying to nursing programs, especially in CA. They won't look at your high school GPA, just college.

All of the CSUs take transfer students, whether from another CSU or CC or wherever else. I'm a graduate of a CSU, and I transferred stuff from 3 different CCs from 2 states. I'm glad I didn't waste the money on university tuition for my general ed.


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Thank you RunBabyRN.

Are you a RN now?

I guess it makes sense to go BSN now than waste 4 years. I know the transferring process is competitive.

If you dont mind me asking, what campus did you get your degree from?