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Transfer or continue where I am at?


I am in need of some advice. This past semester I was enrolled in my 4th semester of 5 for my associates degree for my RN. I was struggling most of the semester and I needed a 92/120 on the final to continue on to my final semester. I ended up receiving an 86/120. I failed by 6 points! I was completely devastated. I need to retake this semester. However our school only offers each class once a year. The class for next fall is already full, meaning I wont be able to enroll in that class again until Fall 2016! I can be put on a wait list for this coming fall.

At this point I am unsure of what to do. I have all of my pre reqs done for my bachelors degree except statistics. I am unsure if I should just stay where I'm at and wait it out and see if a spot opens up for next fall, or transfer to an LPN program or transfer somewhere where I can just go on and complete my BSN.



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I would look at BSN programs. You'll need it to get a job that's not located in the tumbleweeds anyway. Many times, depending on the local area, the waiting lists are non-existent or short compared to local ADN programs.

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I would attempt to transfer. You might be done by 2016.