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I know that so many schools have different requirements, as well as differences in what they will accept as transfer credits from other schools. I've only actually applied to one program, and they will not even review your transcripts until you are accepted into the program. Do any of the other RN to BSN programs do a review when you first apply, or do they make you wait to be accepted as well?

I know I do need a few more classes that are pre req classes. I would like to start working on them in January, but it's difficult to know what I need to take. I figure I would pick a few programs I like, submit my application and try to figure out what classes I will still need. I know that can play a part in determining which program as well, when in the end those extra classes can add up in time and money.

Any advice?

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The programs to which I applied reviewed my transcripts as part of my application process, then told me which classes I'd need to take prior to enrollment. I think that's pretty standard, actually. You should probably take a look at a few more programs, there are so many out there...

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Just wanted to update. I talked to the school, I was denied because of the 2 C's that I got in my program. They require a 75 or higher. So I am waiting on a call back from my old school to find out if the C from them is a 75 or higher. If it is, then I can have them send a letter stating that, and I will be admitted.