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Training at Assisted Living. Answered prayer!

by rickyrhyme rickyrhyme (New) New

Do you know the feeling when you are a fresh graudate and ZERO experience? I am an LPN, passed the boards in Nov 2010. I have been job hunting for a year and 2 months last Jan 2011. I went to different agencies, calling nursing homes/hospitals, craigslist, went to Upstate New York for interview, submit the application/resume and spent a lot of money for gas and tolls but never heard from them. Yes it was VERY depressing, especially when you have bills to pay. I always pray to God. I came from a religious family. My dad who is a pastor has been praying for me and my mom who is an RN Supervisor has helping me to find a job. It's not easy. I always asked Him, when when when can I get a job. Now I do believe that GOD has 3 answers for each prayer: 1. YES, 2. WAIT, 3. I HAVE ANOTHER BETTER PLAN. But never says NO. Gods answer to our prayers is the number 3. I am so thankful. A year and 2 months is worth waiting. The good news is, FINALLY I have a training today for Assisted Living in Long Island, NY. The Amsterdam at Harborside. I went to an agency and applied for a job. So they told me to send a resume, malpractice and all that. And they called me to come to the office and BOOOOM they gave me a schedule for training - today and tomorrow. I am soooo happy! After a year and 2 months of job hunting, blesssings came. Thank Heaven! Usually how many days is the training? They didn't tell me thought. To those who are job hunting, has no luck, or about to get a job as an LPN, never lose hope in life. I know how it feels because I was one of you - that has NO experience at all and got rejected by the agencies and other facilities. Good luck to all!

Congratulations! :yeah: