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I'm requesting input from current students or graduated students/working nurses that have gone to UMKC for their Traditional BSN program. I would love you to share your experience and your opinion about the whole experience: school, fellow students, post-graduate accommodations/guidance, teachers, etc. Both positive and negative. I'm looking for input on the school and this program.

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I am currently finishing my last semester of prereq's for the UMKC traditional BSN program, and I am also hoping that there will be some more input from graduates (or CURRENT students) of UMKC BSN program on this thread. :rolleyes:

I am attending the N101 (nursing 101) class this semester that is a prereq also. It's at UMKC. One thing I have heard from Students and staff is that the first semester is the "killer" semester. They mostly say this because you have 15 credit hours (the schedule is set, you can't change when you take most of the nursing classes due to clinicals and such), and you have two full days of skills lab (learning how to insert a catheter, etc), and you have Pathophysiology which is supposed to be a VERY challenging class. They say it lightens up a little after that first semester. The suggestion is that you don't work a lot this first semester (they kind of discourage working much the rest of the semesters as well, but students say that first semester it is the most challenging).

Please, if anyone has any input on the UMKC Traditional BSN program it would be greatly appreciated!! :yeah:

Just wondering if either of you got into the program? If so what were your experiences?

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