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Traction question: Please Help Help


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Hello All, I am having a heck of a time with this problem about skeletal traction. The question is;

A patient's right leg is connected to 10 pounds of skeletal traction. As you troubleshoot the system, you note that the ropes are knotted at the connection sites, the pulleys have rope running along the center tracts, the leg is slightly flexed at the knee, the leg is 6 inches above the mattress, and the 10 pound weight is resting on the floor. Are any of these findings of concern to you? If so, how would you fix it.

So the only information I was able to find from looking up mulitple resources is that the weight should not be on the floor. However, no one referenced how it should be fixed if it is. Also I feel that the weight being on the floor is not the only problem with the question, but I am unable to locate any source to assist with the question. Please help.


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the weight should not be on the floor and you fix it by calling the MD to fix it. the knee prolly shouldnt be flexed but that is prolly related the the weight being on the floor aswell. i dont have alot of experiance with traction so may want to look at more resources