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hello, i am new here and i need advice. i applied to towson university spring 2014, my gpa is 3.84 and my teas is 78%. can anyone tell me what my chances of getting in are? any suggestion is welcome. thanks

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GPA is great..Teas...what score do they like you to have on that? They didn't require TEAS for my class.


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I also applied to Towson's program and recently met with an advisor who told me that you must have at least an 80% overall on the TEAS.


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now thats got my heart racing , i really do hope i get in


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Hey! I just got my acceptance letter today for the Hagerstown center, my GPA is 3.19 with an overall teas score of just 72%. Super excited!! Good luck guyssss


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i am so excited too.. i just my acceptance letter today too.. congrats to us


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Congrats on getting in. I am at Towson starting my J2 semester on January 27th. BTW, my GPA was a 3.94 and got a 97% on the TEAS. it definitely helped me feel better prepared than some of my classmates but we all made it through the fir s t semester.


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hey billybulldog, nice to meet you. Can you tell me about your J1 semester , all the requirements are kinda confusing especially the immunizations ...