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Totally lost/Need advice/Palm Bay-Melbourne area Students that can give me feedback!

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Hi there! I am new to the site and I am looking for HELP!!! I have decided to go back to school after almost 18 years of my HS graduation. I have 3 kids (13,8 and 2) and I am interested in going for RN. I am always taking care of my boys and being a caregiver just comes naturally to me I guess. Anyway, I am deciding in between a few different options. I could go to Keiser (which is a lot more expensive and I would pretty much bury myself in student loans) but they have a schedule that works with my current situation a bit better (I work part time M-F 9-1). Or I could go to BCC, either Palm Bay or Cocoa but I am not sure how their programs work yet. I am going tomorrow to see if I can talk to someone personally; I called on the phone but the info was so superficial and the girl who gave it to me seemed to be in a hurry of getting off the phone with me. Also I could go for CNA first and leave my current (5 year old job, which btw has no relation to the medical field) and earn my RN degree as I work as a CNA. Am I crazy? Am I asking for too much? Also, what is "points" thing at BCC I keep reading about? I can use all the help I can get, so please let me know what you can! Thanks!:nurse:

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