Topic for a seminar on tramadol abuse

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Hello. I am mandated to deliver a seminar on tramadol abuse for nursing students in my school. i am currently thorn between selecting a good, catchy and sustaining topic for the seminar. Can you help me with some semniar topics on tramadol abuse?

I'll be interested in monitoring the discussion. At my facility, it's often prescribed, and we have a much easier time getting it - the MCOs don't give us a hard time (for which we are both grateful and frustrated by) like they do with Percocets and oxycodone. For those patients who are not careful, however, it could probably be just as addictive as the others, though I don't know for sure.

Well normally one doesn't go and look to get tramadol on the street. I think people who abuse tramadol were/are legitimately prescribed it for pain. The problem is a lot of providers who have patients that are in constant pain and need it long term will prescribe this versus Vicodin, Percocets, etc. So maybe talk about how we can help the people who abuse this medicine and how to manage their pain? There's also a great possibility of people looking to get this from doctor's because it doesn't set off as many red flags like stronger painkillers and they know they can still get high.

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