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Topic for Child/Adolscent Psych Inservice

For my leadership class I have to do a presentation/inservice and the area I chose was child and adolscent psych (Inpatient)

I am needing some help coming up with an evidence based topic.

Any suggestions for something that would be relevant and interesting?


Here are the topics that I feel are currently relevant to child/adolescent psych. I wish more staff would be exposed to these issues. It's what my kids are facing.

Bullying - including cyber

Eating disorders - Athletes are overlooked. Pressure to make weight, etc in school sports is intense

Self injurious behaviors - Many believe that boys don't take part in SIB - they aren't looking at the right part of body or behavior

Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation - so many are struggling

Anxiety disorders - so many of my patients with suicidal ideation are really suffering from Anxiety disorders

Hope this helps.

VagariTurtleRN, MSN

Specializes in Psychiatry, NICU.

You could also do polysubstance abuse (and ALL of the creative ways kiddo's get high these days. Such little chemists they are.) including:

Smoking nutmeg

Mixing Milk and Ginger powder

Triple C


You could also talk about drug induced psychosis or suicide pacts in teens. I hope this helps:)


Specializes in Geriatrics, Adult Psych.

Seclusion and restraint. There is such a push today to maintain safety on inpatient units without the use of force by staff. With so many different programs like CPI, Moab, Brandt, etc, being promoted and taught to staff across the country, it would be interesting to make a comparison of which ones are the most successful in aggression management, and what direction might be indicated to promote increased patient AND staff safety in the future.


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