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Small Q. 1) Is there a difference between a $70 Littman and a $130 one. I (we students) got the toy stethoscopes sold at the college's book store, which work fine in the quiet classroom, but not so well in the loud and noisiy clinical setting .

2) Thoughts on digital arm band BP cuffs please. Thanx all.

I bought my Littman for 40--go to the uniform store that gives discounts..usually one that has payroll deduction lined up with your employer is best - a Littman is a Littman..only if you plan to go to medical school do you really need a super duper one..and will spend the rest of your career protecting it !!! trust me, once you have one be careful..they walk faster than your favorite pens !!!! as for external noise...turn down the pt's tv,close the room door...ask visitors to be quiet while you have that right and 9 times out of 10, they comply...everybody feels better if thier nurse is assessing them seriously..time and experience will then help wishes !!!!

Agree with petulip...I take cardiac and respiratory assessment VERY seriously, and the $40 Littmans work great. My first stethescope was one of those expensive ones, and I ended up going out and buying the $40 one because the expensive one was too big and heavy and it hurt my neck!

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