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Took The TeasV today 04/25/12


Well I took the TEAS test today and didnt even score the minimum for my program. The math was basic algebra, percentages, distance and rate problems and I think a few mutiplication, and fractions.

The science was hard for me because some of the stuff I knew from my Biology 100 class that I am taking now, but there were a lot of questions that I didint know because they were anatomy questions and I havent taken that class yet.

The reading and english were very easy, just using passages, charts, or graphs to answer questions. English was correcting sentences, spelling, grammer, etc.

My overall score was 50.0% and for my program I needed 51.3%. I got my scores right away with a print that showed me the types of questions I didint do well on, and where in the ATI study guide I could find those types of questions to review. I will admit I did not study as much as I should have, and I used the Mcgraw Hill book instead of the ATI book, so I am going to get the ATI book instead, and see if I can retake it in June.

Sorry that you didnt pass it this time. Keep your head up! You'll get it for sure next time. :hug:

sounds like you were almost there! next time im sure you will do awhole lot better since you now know what the test is about!! good for you :up:


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If it's any constillation I took it twice! The first time I wasn't prepared at all; I got a 51.7% ... not to metion the test wasn't timed. The second time I took it I studied the ATI maunal only to my surpirse this test was timed. I thought I did better because I was more prepared, however I had 3 hoursto test and got a 50.3. My GPA is 3.20 and I have great recommedations so we' ll see. Wish me luck!:up: If you study what was your weakest areas you should do better ... good luck.:hug:

Yeah I took it and got an 52.7 and can't take it again until next semester and the lpn program is only offered once a semester so I applied anyway because it only count for so many points to your ranking with my 3.29 gpa and my classes hopefully I can get in. Should find out sometimes this week!!