Took Microbiology with no lab-can I still get licensure in California?


Hello all. I went to Red River college in Winnipeg, Canada to get my BSN and subsequently got my RN for the Manitoba Board. I am coming to California to live with my husband and noticed that the California Board requires Microbiology with a lab component. At Red River College, I took microbiology but it did not have a lab component. This is because the course there didn't have a lab component. Will this be a problem for me to register with the California board?


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This is a good question for the BRN, or you could try going through the application process to see what happens. If the transcript does not give it away, it just might fly. Worth a try if you don't want to risk getting told "no" over the phone or in a letter.

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Yes. I took Micro without a lab and I got my California RN license by endorsement.

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Check with each school. They all have their requirements whether they require lab or not. I have not seen one that does not require a lab. while I was researching which program I wanted to attend and I always find they require labs for all the sciences.


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I am wondering the same thing, canadawali what ended up happening with your situation?

Thank you!