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Took the HESI Exit Exam


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and i failed it. i needed a 850 and got a 752 :cry: i was really bummed about it but then the more i thought about it, the better i felt. i only had about a week to prepare and i am the kind of person who really needs to prepare for a test. i know it is testing over stuff that we already know that that if we didnt know it, we wouldnt have survived nursing school... but between the crappy nclex review they gave at our school which ate up 8 hours of my day, pinning, graduation, and mother's day... i didnt prepare like i should have. we are required to pay for another review course on our own and was thinking about the kaplan. have any of you taken it and do you think it is worth the money? thanks

You sound like me! I failed the HESI exit exam, not once but twice. We had to get an 850 the first time. And then the second time they lowered it to 800, and I was 20 points away from passing the second time. They tried to say we couldn't graduate without passing it the second time, but after some faculty meetings they said we could graduate, but had to sign up for a review class, which I was doing already and had paid for in full a month prior to all this mess. It was Kaplan, by the way. I've been doing the Kaplan classes for the past 2 weeks and tomorrow night is my last class. I'm not sure yet how it's helping. The strategies we are being taught are really helpful and have made a difference in how I take these types of tests. I've heard awesome things about Kaplan and it's supposed to work, so I'm just doing everything they say to do to prepare.


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I feel your worry!! I graduated last year Dec 2008 but fail HESI Exam 3x but never give up on my self. Anyway i sign up for remedial class in M arch for 8weeks but God be the glory 3 student survive out of 4 student in May. Failing the Hesi make me what i am today. Am very proud of failing HESI because the test make me buckle up. Now i can break down question using Nursing process, ABC, understand what intervention means from nursion action, priority question, SATA just to mention few. Also you can start going over your med-surge and fundermental textbook. Understand your pathophysiology, intervention, s/sx of each disease and practice question in a test mode rather than in a review mode. That way, you will train yourself on how to answer question.

Hope this input will be and advantage. Also you can check on a thread on how to break Hesi question from previous post. Mosby and Exam cram test format is close to Hesi. :up:

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