Took FOREVER to get my license!


It took FOREVER to get authorization to test through ANCC. Once I had a date set, it was postponed due to inclimate weather. Ok so then it was set back three weeks.

Then, I passed, (Yay!). I sent my paperwork in about 4 days later. I got it returned, because like a dummy, I forgot to send a check.

THEN, I got a notice that I needed fingerprinting. I specifically called them, and asked if I needed fingerprinting, because it was unclear if that was just for the RN license, or for the APRNs as well. I was told NO, I don't need to be fingerprinted...But, I went and did it that day....

2 weeks later, I called, and they told me that it can take up to 30 days for the fingerprinting to be processed.

THEN, I found out that ANCC never sent my test results to the BON!! I KNOW I checked the box to have it sent! Why would I take my boards if I didn't want the results sent over??

SOOOO, I graduated in December...It is now July 19th...I JUST got my license TODAY. Anyone else have any issues similar to this? How crazy??


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Wow!!! I took my exam in June and I have sent all the necessary paperwork to the BON and I am waiting to here from them any day now. I have colleagues that took their exam in May and they have been approved and are working. That's insane! Why did you have to be finger printed? Could you not have sent a copy of your wallet card? I just can't imagine waiting that long for license...smh

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Apparently the rule changed here in Michigan in April. And I got right at that change. :/


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oh, I was getting nervous because I'm broke, and I need to go to work and make some money! I'm glad you finally got them.

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Controlled substances takes longer sometimes. Insurance and hospital credentialing can take several months.

All in all it's a long process and it sounds like you missed a few tedious steps along the way that further delayed it.