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Took entrance exam yesterday..sharing some info

Hi everyone,

I took my entrance exam for LPN school yesterday. HOORAY.. I PASSED!!!

Thanks to all those who have responded to me before and offer some tips.

I thought I would share some info with others.

If anyone is taking the same test I did..which was the Arnett DET exam..there are a couple of things to know.

The study guides that the website for this particular test did not include everything on it.

There were a large number of graph and chart questions in the math section. I have to say that these were pretty difficult for me.

Also, you should know how to go from Celsius to Farhenheit and back again.

I hope this helps someone. I would have scored alot higher if I study some graphs.

Thanks again to everyone who helped me. :bowingpur

:yeah: CONGRATS!

I forgot all about the graphs....I had a bit of trouble with them too. I must have blocked them out of my mind. LOL

Are you accepted then? Where I am attending, as long as you pass and do ok on the interview they let you in.

When will you start?

I don't know yet if I am accepted. It send on the schools web page that in order to be considered you had to have aat least a 50% in each main part of the DET. Both of mine were in the 80's so I know I am good there.

When I was leaving yesterday..after I got my results because they were done instantly on the computer..the instructor who gave the exam told me that I should be hearing from them through the mail shortly for my interview. She also said that they look at my high school transcripts. UGHHH...I have been out of school for 15 years and my transcripts are not that great. Hopefully between my good DET score, my letter of recommendation and my interview I will get in.

If I am accepted I will begin the weekend after Labor day and go until July. There is a break from then until end of August. I believe I would graduate in December.

Thanks for the congrats..:p

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