Too Soon To Apply?


Is it too soon to apply for CNA positions, my State exam is at the end of month?!


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It might be.... i think it would be smart to write down a couple places and then when you pass your test apply apply apply !!

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I applied for jobs right after passing my class. I had no trouble getting hired. They hired me as, hmm, I forget the exact term they used, but basically just a helper for $8 an hour until I passed my state test and then my pay went up (to 9 something) and I was considered a STNA there. As a "helper," (or whatever they called it) I was able to do my orientation (with a STNA always there with me) and get a head start on learning the residents. Once I passed my test I was already done with orientation and ready to hit the floor on my own. Of course this was over 10 yrs ago, not sure if the same is true today.


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Im kinda wondering the same thing.

Although I am from Canada.

Some places I have seen in the past have said that their requirements are certifacation OR certifacation with in 18months.

I live in rual Alberta so there is only a couple citys I could work at at they are both 45mins away. I found a place that is only a half an hour away. The ad ws from JANUARY and I only JUST started my program...I have my fingers crossed that I can get a position with them! I applied on line last night. I hope to hear something on Monday... Wishfull thinking I know.

What I figure is that it never hurts to try! Your also not left wondering what could have happened!