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Too much to handle?


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Hello everyone!

I'm new to this site, but I love what I see already. Lots of great tips!! I just have a question about the classes I plan on registering for, for the spring of 2015. The pre-reqs for the ADN program (that I haven't already completed) are A&P 1, micro, & pharmacology. I also plan on taking Life span, growth, & dev. as my last course. Is it unheard of to take these classes together? I've gotten some *bulging eyes* from previous nursing students when I mention my first semester course load. Also, I'm a mommy, so I have to balance my family life as well as this course load. I have a 1 1/2 year old and I'm due October 28th with my second. TIA for any advise.


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While not impossible, it is definitely a course load I wouldn't recommend. A&P and Micro by themselves are tough courses, but when you combine them, plus add other courses, it will be a rough semester. Also, I wouldnt take pharmacology without having first completed both A&P course. Pharmacology is a mix of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, which is essentially how each drug type works in the body. To really exceed in that class you need a pretty good understanding of A&P or none of it will really make any sense. Telling you that one type of antihypertensive med is a beta2 blocker, means nothing if you don't have an understanding what exactly the neurotransmitter beta2 actually does and how that can affect the heart. Some of that will be taught in the class, but a majority of it will be expected to already be learned. You can succeed without first taking the A&P classes if you are basically an information sponge and retain everything you learn.

Basically, it would probably be best to take these courses split into at least 2 semesters and add some of the filler classes you will need for your gen eds like english and humanities and such. GL

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, I suppose. With small children it is not something I would ever do to myself.

If your program is like most you must make A's in those science pre-reqs to even be considered in the program.

There is also a level of expectation once in a program that you know the A&P/Micro material. They will not stop or slow down while you refresh yourself because you just crammed to pass the classes.

If you think you can pull A's in all these classes(the program may tell you that you only need a C but they all weed out people by GPA and C's rarely get in any program)then go for it...I would make sure that you have an excellent support system to keep kiddos when needed so that you can study. Huge difference between studying with/without distractions :)

Best of luck to you either way! :)

Maybe spread the classes alittle more. Taking a extra year to get into nursing wont kill you. Besides you will want to spend sometime with the babies. You wont have much time with them in the program.

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Thank you for all the input. I'm not going to take all the sciences at once. Better to take my time and make great grades and be able to retain all the info(: I'm glad I posted this thread though and put more thought into my course load.