Too early for job fair?


Hello all! I'm attending an RN hiring event tomorrow morning. It is advertised for both experienced RNs, as well as their Graduate RN program.

I graduate in May of this year. Do you think it is too early to be offered a position? Should I take this as more of a networking event, getting hiring managers' names and contact info, or an actual opportunity to receive an offer?

Also, how long do managers typically wait for you to accept/decline a position? If I am lucky enough to receive an offer, I'm not sure that it would be the smartest move to jump on the first offer I'm given.

Thanks for all the feedback!

Specializes in psych. Has 7 years experience.

When I graduated, I was also a May graduate. I went to all the job fairs the hospitals in my area had in January and February. I had interviews in late February and a job offer in March. I accepted but it was conditional on my graduating my program and passing NCLEX. I don't think it's too early to start getting your name out and seeing what there is out there.

Good luck!