Tomorrow is my lasy day of clinicals :(


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I was really nervous about starting clinicals Monday but they have went well. My client was a sweetheart but I never did anything but feed her or watch her eat for three days. I did give her a shower and did some accuchecks and insulin injections..WHOOPIE but thats it. If you would have asked me yesterday I would have told you I CANT WAIT TIL' FRIDAY!!! but a beautiful turn of events, we got to switch halls and my group got put on the skilled and rehab floor...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! In the time it took me to feed my patient on the other hall and stand around lookin like a doofus I did 7 accuchecks, gave morphine injections, did a breathing treatment, flushed IV tubes, changed a colostomy and a urostomy(spelling)and passed meds. I love staying busy and people were so great on that floor. The nurses and CNA were very accepting and I walked around all day with a huge grin on my face and didn't even realize it..LOL. My teacher actually noticed. I know that along with OB I def want some experience and work on some type of skilled floor..something that will keep me moving:specs:


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That sounds like a really awesome clinical day. I only wish that I could say the same for my own. We spend an enormous amount of time "standing around looking like a doofus". And of our 12 months that we've spent in clinicals 9 of it has been in nursing homes. I'm gonna be such an idiot nurse when I graduate. I won't know anything but nursing home stuff and how to function like a CNA.


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Sorry about that. But had we not kept pestering the nurses and CNA's to let us help we would probably be doing the same thing. I hope it gets better. it'll take some time, you will learn more working then you could ever learn at school anyway so don't be discouraged.

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