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I just want to thank everyone on this forum for all the support and guidance they have provided me in one way or another. This will be my second attempt at the NCLEX, and rest assured--I feel more confident and motivated than the first time.

For those who are studying, keep pushing through. And for all those who didn't pass the first time around, get back up and fight harder! You guys ALL got this.

Thank you all! God bless.


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good luck.. keep us updated


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Hey everyone!

With God's guidance, I have finally passed the NCLEX after a second attempt. To cut the story short, on my first try I went though all 265 questions and failed. On the second attempt, the test shut off on me at around 170. Immediately afterwards, I felt dreadful. I could feel the anxiety that I had about my test score pumping out of my chest.

The next day, I was constantly checking on my state board. Hours passed, and no licensure number. All that I saw was a checklist status that said complete, along with a completion date--both of which were not present when I failed the first time. At around 6pm, I go back to check my state boards.

From that point on, I was overjoyed and so blessed. I'm still in shock as I'm typing this. There it was right next to my name: my licensure number and an active RN license.

What I would like to leave off with might come as cliche, but the fact of that matter is to never give up. Whether this is your first time taking it, or perhaps your second or third... keep grinding at this exam. I can tell you for sure that taking practice questions definitely helps. There's no shortcuts to what you can do to pass the nclex. All you need is drive, motivation, and a good sense of knowledge on nursing material. You've worked so hard to get to this point, so please--never give up. Everyone on this forum is going to be amazing nurses. I know that for a fact.

Good luck to everyone who is in the process of taking the NCLEX! And congrats to those who have successfully passed the exam! Nursing truly is a beautiful profession, and I can't wait to start working. God bless!