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Hi there. I am filipina and married to American. We will be relocating to the US this year. We are planning to relocate in Georgia. I'm a new graduate BSN here in the Ph. I will be taking NCLEX RN maybe October or November. I would like to know if there is a way to bypass the TOEFL exam for Georgia? TOEFL is one of the requirement to be eligible to take the nclex rn. Since I'm married to American can I bypass the toefl?

I haven't start sending my credentials to CGFNS for credential evaluation because I read in the internet that they will not start looking at my papers unless I have English profeciency test result.

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Being married to an American has nothing to do with your English proficiency. You will have to do the test if it is a requirement.


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I am american citizen but graduated in the philipinnes they still required me to take TOEFL.. If english is your second language then you have to take the TOEFL exam.


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How are you guys,

I am going to endorse my license to Georgia as well. I found there is a requirement of TOEFL ibt score in the instruction of licensure by international examination. It makes sense to have English proficiency when you didn't obtain nursing education in the United States.

The problem I face now is about the minimum score of each part in TOEFL iBT if I want to get the license by endorsement. I am so confused because there is no requirement about English proficiency in the instruction of licensure by endorsement. Also, the Credential evaluation service has no specific information about the minimum score of each part. I am wondering should I get 26 in speaking part as the requirement of Visascreen or I just need to get total score 79 as the requirement in the instruction of licensure by international examination ?

Does anyone meet the same problem?