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Hello I have a question I just passed NCLEX-RN in a state that doesn't require TOEFL and so I want to endorse my license in Nevada. So my question is do I need to take TOEFL in NEVADA if it is required even if in the state I took NCLEX in didn't require one?

Then my second question is if I will take TOEFL does anyone know where the testing center for TOEFL will be in Las Vegas? And do you need to take a review class/review center or can you just do self review and take an exam after a doing self review and scheduled for an examination right away?

My other question is if I will take a review class how many weeks will it take until I can take my exam for TOEFL?

And how many times can I retake TOEFL if I failed?

And my last question is if I did do undergo a review class for TOEFL is that if the review center will be the one who will give me the TOEFL exam or there is a specific testing center for TOEFL kinda like NCLEX?

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All I can answer is if the BON wants English exam regardless on being licensed in another state you have to sit the exam


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Hi! I would like to give you some helpful information about the English Proficiency Exam, specifically TOEFL iBT. I am applying for WA BON and they require this test for you to be eligible for NCLEX RN. I graduated from the Philippines so that's the reason why they require me to take it. Personally, you don't need to enroll in a review class, you might want to purchase a book and do a self-study. My husband successfully made it without taking a proper review class. You can take it many times, until you reached or aimed the score that the institution requires. You need to schedule for the exam and it's up to you when do you feel taking it, provided that there's an available schedule on the day you wish to take it. You need to look up on their official website for finding a test location near you. Hope this helps! :)


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When you schedule for the toefl exam they will ask you what city you want to take the exam in, then they will give you the address to that test center. They will also give you a list of dates that you can choose from on when you can take the exam. And for studying for the exam, I took an online review practice exam that toefl offers after you schedule for the exam itself. And this practice review that they give is exactly the same exam format as the TOEFL which is awesome and helpful. They give you a few options that you can choose from but I took the cheapest review they had. Which was under $30. Two to three weeks of study time is good enough as long as you really take the time to practice on your speaking ability since they only give you 45 seconds to think of an answer and then 1 minute to express your answer in a organized manner...I thought it seemed easy before I took the exam because I grew up speaking English my whole life but when the day came I was shocked how nerve racking it was. The questions weren't necessarily difficult but the time pressure definitely messed with your ability to have a well organized thought process. Hahaha. So remember practice answering questions really quickly and verbally, straight to the point. Good luck! 😊

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