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Our home care agency has managed nail care clinics for the elderly within our county, at Sr. centers and elderly housing complexes. Our home care is now closing and I would like to continue this much needed and appreciated service.My concern is the liability.Ii have two very good cna's who want to asst. If we are doing this on our own and not through an employer, amIi responsible for the cna's if there were a liability claim? One of our local orthopedists has encouraged me to freelance this service, does any one know of a service like this? Are there any licences or state requirements? I have contacted local medical facilities hoping to be hired to do this service under their umbrella of liabilty insurance and they are interested , but need to find a way to be reimbursed. Any comments re this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mary


A few suggestions: Talk to the hame care agency that is closing. They may be able to answer many of your questions or direct you to those who can. Since they are closing you should pose no threat. The worst that can happen is they tell you nothing.

I would contact my board of nursing.

I would also contact my company. If you don't carry it you should for this.

I would contact the department of health.

I would go to my local court house and ask about a business license.

I would go to my state, tax franchise board and find out how to get a business tax number.

I would contact the department of labor to find out what you need to do as an employer.

Contact an accountant.

Talk to the podiatrist who is encouraging you.

Give as much information as you can to these people. Ask as many questions as they will tollerate. And ask each one if they know who else may be able to help you.

Good luck with this. I am sure your venture will be sucessful.

I would like to start a nail clinic in our county for the elderly as I know that it is a much needed service. I found this old post from 1998 and was wondering if it was done and how it worked ? tinkle

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