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Right now I am working for an agency. I had a job interview on Wednesday for Home nursing. I have a made list of differences.

MSN (current agency):

1. flexible scheduling

2. pay $19-$22/hr

3. maybe 5 shifts a wk but maybe 1 or 2 depending on the week

Home Nursing (possible new job):

1.For sure 37.5/per wk

2. Sick days

3. Six holidays per yr

4. Personal days

5. pay 15.30/hr

6. .40/per mile for gas

So do I take the pay cut and get the for sure hours? Or do I tough it out with agency and see hours get better? I am considering maybe working home nursing and working for MSN one day a week too.

I have not been offered the job yet. But I am still debating it. Any thoughts ??????? Shannon :banghead: :confused:


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Hello fellow private duty nurses!

Can relate to comments by mamato3 about whether to "tough it out with agency" or switch jobs to some other work with "for sure hours"! I have worked private duty home health nursing at an agency for three months now, and I still do not have ANY permanent case with "for sure hours". When I interviewed for this gig, the staff said that most nurses have a regular patient assignment within the first two months of working. Hah!

After reading many helpful comments by fellow agency nurses, I am learning that maybe the unpredictable hours and frequent changes of patient assignments are just part of the "nature of the beast" of agency work. The brave nurses who write that they are ok with agency work may be at a point in their lives when they ride well with unpredictable job situations. Good for them!

Your idea to maybe reduce your hours of committment with the agency may be a good temporary plan until you decide if you quitting is best for you. In my work situation, a friend suggested a similar temporary work plan. She suggested that I delay my urge to "jump ship", and just kindly tell agency that I will not be available for assignments for a few weeks. During that few weeks I could use part of my savings for expenses and explore other "for sure hours" job options.

Best wishes in your decision! Your fellow tired warrior in agency nursing

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