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RN2b in maine don't leave the board please I have been on this board for a while and everyone is pretty much good people to talk to in a discussion group. I did not mind for my post to get so heated. Also keep in mind no matter where you are or what discussion group you are in everyone will not see eye to eye on things and that is perfectly normal and expected. You will never find a group that see eye to eye and share the same beliefs on everything and that is why everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs as long as there is no name calling or anything like that involved. I simply want to do the best I can and obtain A's to make up for my past record so I can be able to qualify for scholarships for my senior year because the school I attend is costly. I set a goal for myself and it is a goal I feel may sound difficult and strenous but I am prepared for the work and feel it is attainable. Now if I do not reach that goal then I will not be too disappointed in myself but at least I can say I tried and I did my best. If anyone receives anything less than an A say a B or a C there is nothing wrong with it. As long as you did your personal best and you gave it your all at least 100% the minimum. I do agree in a sense that a patient is not going to know who their 4.0 nurse is and who there 3.0 nurse is if both nurses are equal hands on wise and clinical wise. Also more and more employers are asking what your GPA is. When I applied for my job as a care assistant over the summer back in May and I said my gpa is barely at 3.0 my nursing supervisor was a bit shocked like she was really expecting it to be higher and she said you are in nursing school correct she said well try to work on that GPA a little bit. I am ending this by saying feel free to say what your heart believe and if someone say something you do not agree with realize that it is okay. I think this is a nice board and I been here a while about a year now. The board gets more and more people by the day and new people with new ideas and opinions is always good. I hope you and others who feel like you see this.

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