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A friend just asked me what is the matter with the RNs ?She is RN new grad in orientation on the Hospital floor and having difficulties; The RNs she is working with are not supportive,she is crying .She is thinking to go to another floor?Is this a good decision or will encounter the same think?I think ,yes,what do you say? Adina :confused: :confused:


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Being new anywhere is hard. Being a new RN anywhere is VERY hard.

Ask your friend if she has a experienced nurse that is with her the entire time of orientation. That way she has a constant source of information and support.

Unless she is being mistreated I would imagine that it would be best to stay where she is until orientation is over.

sharann, BSN, RN

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It is sad that your friend is having such a hard time and shes only in orientation. Is this a real New Grad orientation program or just and "orientation" to a unit? This makes some difference. I suggest that your friend make an appointment with the nurse manager or nursing director to talk about the situation. Perhaps all she needs is a different preceptor. Perhaps another unit. Or this hospital may not be a good place for her. She should try to discuss it first though. I feel for her. BEEN there!


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Tell your friend to hang in there. What she is experiencing is hard, I know. Really hard to start a new job! It would be great if people would take new employees under their wings and help them along, take the initiative to make new people feel welcome. But, unfortunately, that doesn't happen all the time. It has nothing to do with nursing. It happens in all professions. Give her new co-workers time to get to know her, and her time to get to know them. Sometimes they just kinda hold back to see if you're gonna make it. Sometimes they are just as uncomfortable making new acqaintances as the new person is. Sometimes they're just tied up in their own troubles, thoughts, and job, that they forget to be kind. So, hang in there. Every day it gets easier. Give it longer than orientation. One day she'll find herself fitting in. If things aren't going better in a week or two, then rethink whether or not it's a place where you'll eventually feel comfortable. In the meantime, she could make the extra effort to ask if she can help, ask questions, try to be friendly, and start conversations. Not everyone is outgoing. What I'm trying to say, is tell her not to take it personally.:)


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Thankyou !you are a big help and support!Adina

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