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To all the nurses, CRNA vs. NP? which would you choose?

by nursetobeat33 nursetobeat33 (New) New Pre-Student

Hi, I am not a nurse. I am not even in nursing school, but I am doing some prerequisite classes to enter nursing school.

I know this is a way far away for me, but I just wanted to hear opinion from you all.

1. if you are a CRNA or NP. are you satisfied becoming a CRNA or NP? what is your reason behind this?

2. do you think CRNA or NP will be in demand in 10 years? I've done some research and they are saying they won't need any CRNA or NP in near future

3. what are the pros and cons of being CRNA or NP?

4. when you were a CRNA or NP student, did you also work as RN while in school? how was that experience?

any other comments about being CRNA or NP will be greatly appreciated. if you are a CRNA student or NP student please share your experiences as well 🙂.

Thank you so much!


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I'm not going to answer all your questions, but will say this - I know many NPs that wish they were CRNAs, but don't know a single CRNA that wishes they were an NP instead.

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I think I might have been happier as a PA because I might be still working part-time.  It has afforded a nice retirement but it was extremely stressful work and you are someone else's money making machine. It's perfect for adrenaline addicts and you get the instant gratification at the end of every case.  I didn't like knowing until 5 pm where I would be working the next day. Working without an MD was better but that was the earliest part of my career when I was the least competent.  The constant hostile take-overs of one corporation for another has become a continuing scenario.  I loved it when working alone even with the 24 hour shifts 3X a week but the charm wears off by the time you are 50 with many years ahead of you.