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To Nurse or not to Nurse


Should I become a Nurse

  1. 1. Should I become a Nurse

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      Yes, GO FOR IT!!
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      Having young kids will make it a lot harder for you, don't do it
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      I think your decison to get a BSN is the right choice
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      Get an ADN and hopefully find a job that offers tuition reimbursement for further education

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I would like to start off by introducing myself and also hoping that I posted this topic in the correct place. Hi my name is Etonde I am 27 years old and I am divorced and I have two sons ages 5 and 7. I am and have always been interested in becoming a nurse, and after being derailed by my own personal choices earlier in life, I am finally finding the time and mindset to get back on track and work towards going to school and doing well so that I can hopefully become a nurse one day in the near future. I am interested to hear back from other nurses and learn what paths they took to becoming nurses (RN vs ADN) I am leaning towards and currently working on transferring from a community college to a CSU so that I can get my BSN. I am nervous and hoping that I am making the correct career choice. I want to do something that I feel I would be good at. I am no fool I know nursing comes with its share of cons but does't every job. I read a post on another site, I forget which one, about what its actually like to be a nurse. The post had many comments from nurses saying how horrible it is to be a nurse, how there is a lot of backstabbing and mistreatment, as well as how they are overworked and management does not care about them at all. I am not belittling their opinions seeing that I am not a nurse, but from their accounts, it sounds like the job that I currently have now, minus the actual nursing part. I just need some advice or something just someone who has started a little late (27 isn't old but not super young either) and how they managed to get their foot in the door. I really appreciate any responses and hope to maybe meet someone on here that lives near me so I can really pick their brain (metaphorically speaking) over lunch or something. I live in the Oakland, CA btw.

Thanks in advance.


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I say if it's something you want to do, then you should go for it. Plenty of people choose nursing as a second career at various ages, managing school, work and kids. Do some reading on here, see what people are saying and decide if it's right for you. Good luck! :)

Good advice thanks Anthony ☺