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To nurse or not to nurse?

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by major_undecided major_undecided (New Member) New Member

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I am attending community college and I am not sure what I want to major in. It was Legal Office for along time. A few weeks ago my dad gave me the idea that I should become a nurse. I would like to know what all is involved in Nursing. I would love anyone's in put. Good and bad stories, suggestion, and so forth. I don't mind blood, taking care of people, but I do kind of have a problem with cadavers. Is it that bad once you deal with one? Do you get use to it? Or should I just stick to Legal Office. As you all know with our economy job security is a thing of the past. I think that for me this might be a good future for me because it does offer some job security and I do enjoy helping people. So far what I know (which is bits and pieces) I feel that it would be a good rewarding career for me. Again please feel free to give ANY advice you have, it would help me out a lot!


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AmyLiz works as a RN - Operating Room (and prn at a hemodialysis cli.

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You can get most all of your questions answered by looking at the different threads here on this board. Look especially in the General category & student nursing category.

As for cadavers...depending on what school you attend, sometimes you don't have to work with them at all. In our school we dissect sheep brains, eyes, etc and a fetal pig.

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