To keep going on with Chemistry or not?

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Hey all,

I am a biomedical studies student at a university in CT. Class registration is coming up and my advisor told me that if I wanted to get into the accelerated nursing track at my university then I do not need to take any more chemistry courses because I met the criteria for the chemistry requisites which is eight credits (I took a CHE 101 then jumped to CHE110). She kind of changed her mind just recently and is causing me to contemplate the next step which is the second portion of the general chemistry curriculum (CHE 111). My problem is that I have made my schedule already and it looks great with pathophysiology (3 credits), clinical immunobiology (w/ lab @ 4 credits), mental health and addictions (an elective I chose, 3 credits), human anatomy (with cadaver dissection labs @ 4 credits) and a simple "Intro to Medical Terminology" course worth 2 electives so it totals out to 16 credits. I tried augmenting my schedule to accommodate chemistry but it will result in me having to space out many of my courses with up to 3 hour breaks on some days. I also work part-time and volunteer as an EMT so this is a hassle. I struggle VERY much with chemistry and manage to get low B's in it but I really do not want to find myself in another semester having to neglect studying for other courses so that I can keep up with chemistry. Should I just stick to my schedule that I will really enjoy and not worry about chemistry anymore or should I suck it up and just take the chemistry and change my schedule solely for it?

Well....wouldn't it depend on why she changed her mind? Is the second chem course required?

If so, wouldn't it be easier with the first course fresh in your mind?

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