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To interview or not to interview for a not-so-great job


I am currently in school (graduating in May 2012) on the western half of my state and would very much like to move back home to the eastern side of the state once I graduate. I've been applying like a wild woman to any job I can find that doesn't require experience with no luck. Today, though, I got a call from a local hospital asking for an interview in the Observation Unit. I'm currently precepting at this hospital's ER, so I've seen the unit. I don't like the area here at all, it's the dirty country, and the unit seems boring, but it's the first call back I've gotten and I'm stuck. I'm not sure if I should bother interviewing. It will be good practice but I'm not interested in the job at all, and I really don't want to to live out here by myself when I could be living with my boyfriend, at home, 3 hours away from here. Should I just forget about this and keep applying at home, or should I go for it? I know jobs and few and far between for new grads so I don't want to miss out on an opportunity, but like I said... this job isn't just not ideal, I REALLY do not want it. I'm so afraid I'll shoot myself in the foot and won't be able to find a job at home.

Also, if I do decide to pass on interviewing, how should I tell the nurse recruiter that I am uninterested?