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I got your message about information about massage, but when I tried to send you a message back, it was blocked. For me to send you a private message, go into your profile and mark yes to accepting private messages. Thanks! A lot of the info I would tell you is in the previous posts, about looking for an approved school in your area, but i would be happy to help you further, including setting up a business, etc. (what I know about it, anyway!)


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I'm a graduate nurse and am interested in medical massage therapy. Do you know if Hospitals/Doctors are referring patients for massage and does medicare/ins companies pay for these services? Any related input would be appreciated.


As far as referrals from doctors, that is varied. Some doctors "believe" in this and some don't. Frequently the osteopaths do, chiropractors, and then newer docs. I do get some referrals, and as far as insurance, that varies greatly, also.

Depends on your state, the type of insurance, the separate policies, etc. Many variables. Sometimes work comp can pay, sometimes general (such as for an auto accident) And of course you would have to have a doctors order, just like for physical therapy, etc. Generally, at this time, most likely insurance will not pay. This is for outpatient/office visits.

Now for the hospital, I am in the process of setting up

massage in our hospital. Talkin with the DON and getting info from other hospitals that have it set up. there is a web site, (hospital based massage network) that offers all kinds of into on setting it up, insurance, etc. But I just paid my money and learned that they no longer are sending out newsletters and you have to pay for all the ones in the past, and all the info that seemed to be included with the subscription. :(

So we will see if and how much insurance/medicare pay sometime. I will post what I find out as I find it!!!

Thanks nurseyperson for the reply on medical massage! I would be interested to here how you approached your DON in presenting massage from a medical aspect. I truely believe in the benefits of massage and especially for patients in the hospital. I don't understand why the medical professionals don't believe in holistic health applications. A person is mind, body and spirit and all need to be treated to help a person achieve the best possible health. At least that's my 2 cents worth!:) I have seen positive results from patients who received back rubs, prayers and happy conversation during their recovery. Many state their appreciation when you take the time to listen and care. I think I have an idealistic view of what nursing should (can) be, but I'm hopeful. What area of nursing do you practice? What state? I would think the western part of the US would be alittle more progressive holistically speaking than the eastern southern states. I've checked out web sites for schools offering medical massage and found interesting information. Well, I've rambled on enough. Thanks again, ALW:D

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