To get license or not?


I have 100% decided to start traveling. My question now, should I go ahead and apply for my Florida nursing license?

I have talked to several agencies and they seem to think that traveling to Florida this winter should be no problem. I read on the internet that it takes several weeks to get my license so should I go ahead and get one?? It's fairly expensive, and I don't want to waste money if there isn't going to be a job available.

So what do you experiences travelers do about licenses?


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If you know you only want to go to Florida then go ahead. There is a very slight chance that positions may not be as plentiful as in the past but there will still be a need. I have read that some places will not even look at you if you don't already have a license. Wasn't that way in the past. Good luck.


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Get the license. It will take a while in Florida.

Many facilities want to hire travelers with license "in hand".

Don't get passed over because you have a great offer but you are waiting on Florida to actually process your paperwork for reciprocity.

The state boards that don't have a streamlined process or walk-thru capability really get my goat. I see them as government workers that aren't accountable for productivity and hide behind bureaucracy for their lackadaisical attitudes and ineptness. Get it done!


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Thanks for your input. I will go ahead and apply for the license.

Other states I have looked into are walk-through and I guess if Florida doesn't work out, I can do that.


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Florida used to have a walk through option in Jacksonville, is that no longer an available?