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To be on the frontlines. God bless all medical professionals and hospital staff!

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It tears me up inside that I want to be in the frontlines with everyone fighting this horrible virus. I am a nursing graduate who failed the NCLEX several times and through the years have lost the guts to pursue the nursing field due to multiple failures with the exam. But now more than ever I have been reinvigorated to try again as the healthcare system in some states are slowly crumbling and they may need all the help they can get. For some I may not be a preferable choice to help due to inadequacies of my knowledge of nursing(some nurses from years passed have commented that because I can't pass the exam they themselves wouldn't feel right to have their lives on my hands etc) but my heart is in the right place for it. (Excuse my slight rant as I am greatly empathetic to you frontliners and my personal demons with a standardized test).

Its Frustrating that I cannot do more to help you frontliners. My message to you guys is please stay safe and stay vigilant to this virus. I wish you well and hopefully I may be able to join you guys. God bless all and especially the medical staff and hospital staff who are in the most affected areas at this moment. I pray for your safety.

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