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Beachie27 - I totally feel ya... I want to go the CRNA-route so badly as well, and am also considering Jefferson and UPenn's programs, in addition to University of Maryland's and Georgetown's. I know that these programs are very selective and I'll be up against other highly qualified applicants like you. To those who've been through this and / or have any insight into the admissions process, just how important is it to have the CCRN certification, and will the fact that I don't have any work against me? I currently have half a year in TICU straight out of school (ABSN at Johns Hopkins with GPA 3.7), but will have a little over 1 year of experience by the time I apply to the various anesthesia programs, and should have almost 2 years of experience by the time I start anesthesia school, God-willing I get in! I have a combined GRE of 335 (verbal 167, quantitative 168) and have taken two graduate level courses with 4.0 in both (patho and pharmacology). I've also shadowed CRNAs in my hospital for about the past 6 months. Given this, do you think this will be enough to get me an interview, in spite of my less than 2 years of ICU experience and not having a CCRN?


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I think having the CCRN is a very important thing to have on your resume. I'm going to take the test next year. You're in the right place to get the experience you need. I would continue to focus on getting more experience, but also look into taking some advanced classes that can go toward your crna degree. I have taken advanced adult and pediatric health assessment courses, advanced pharmacology, and also have my MSN classes which includes statistics, research and ethics. I think doing so will help set you apart from other applicants. I'm hopeful for an interview, but by no means expect it to be easy. I'm up against very qualified people. It's what you do above and beyond that sets you apart. Go to the open houses. Ask specifically what they're looking for. Talk to current students or alumni. Don't rush it. Experience is irreplaceable.

Good luck! And keep me posted!