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To enlist, ROTC, or direct commission, will I be too old

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Greetings and nice to make your acquaintance.

I have been following this board for a while but have been a bit shy to post. I go by the name of Dingus online, I am currently a psychiatric technician student at Mt. San Antonio college in California. I will be turning 26 this year, and by the time I finish the program and take the state board exam I will be 27. In California a psych tech`s license is equivalent to an LVNs and we have options of bridging into ADN RN programs that allows us to transfer to a 4 year institution to pursue a BSN degree.

I spent my early adult life in arts and fashion design, I did not find that industry gratifying. It took me a while to figure out where I wanted to go, the psych tech program came to me as a surprise.

Compare to others posting onto this board I am starting quite late in the medical field, so I am concerned about my age and options.

I want to join a branch of service in the future because I find it fulfilling to help, protect, and provide support to others, experience new adventures, and to build personal strength. I will be honest and say that the benefits are also quite enticing.

My dilemmas are do I have better chances of getting into military as a mental health related tech or nurse via

-enlisting with only a psych tech license ( what is the likelihood of it counting and me getting the job, or will it be based on need and the aptitude tests?)

-continuing on and transferring into a BSN program at a school that offers ROTC (by the time I transfer I may be 29, am I too old for ROTC?)

- attempting direct commission after finishing my BSN and gaining two years of civilian nursing experience (would be around 31 -32 by then, will I be considered too old?)

Current physical stats, I am 5`4, 134 Lbs, can do 60 sit ups in two minutes, 30 push ups, my run time is horrible at 25 minutes for 2 miles, I am definitely working on that.

Which of the three branches with medical units is my best bet? I would like to be active duty, the idea of being deploy does not scare me away, and I have no problem with relocating. I am a single female with no kids, so I don't have any commitments tying me, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Please excuse me for my super long post, I figured being detailed will only help me in this situation.

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jeckrn has 17 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in EMT, ER, Homehealth, OR.

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I would continue on and get a BSN. No you will not be too old to get a direct commission once you receive your BSN and get experience. Once you have your BSN the services might take new grads direct commission or could require more experience, it will change based on the needs at the time. As far what service has the better facilities is not a really what you need to look at since they all are about the same. Each service has poor to great facilities, what you need to look at is which service is the best fit for you. Even if you do not get in the military for what ever reason the BSN will give you more career options then a psych tech.

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Thank you jeckrn for the advice, I understand what you are telling me. Just to clarify, I am not too worried about which branch has the best facilities and offer the most comfort.

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