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To call or not to call...

That is my question.

Background... I have made it through 3 rounds of interviews for a dialysis position. I revealed my TPAPN status during the second (regional) interview. At the 3rd interview, with the hiring manager and coordinator, TPAPN was never brought up. I hadn't planned on bringing it up since I already told the other people and my 'information' was forwarded to the hiring clinic. But these ladies were talking and describing the job as if I had no restrictions. (Made me feel like they didn't know.)

Now, I feel as if I need to call them on Monday and make sure the monitoring information made it down the pipeline. It's my responsibility to make sure they know, right?

Do I call or leave it alone?

My perspective would be to call.

If they have already been made aware of your contract by the previous interviewers, a double check on your part to clarify won't hurt anything...I imagine that it could only look positive and proactive, as you would be displaying your concern that they are well-informed.

However, on the chance that they don't know or don't have details, honestly, finding out you aren't a fit is better done sooner rather than later, where if they didn't know, right or wrong, they may feel that you withheld information, even though you really didn't...

Now for story time...

My first job offer happened after my very first job interview where I disclosed HPMP during the interview. However, I mistakenly said that I had a narcotic and benzo restriction...what I SHOULD have said was that I cannot give any controlled meds.

The offer progressed to the supervisor talking to my case worker...and my offer was promptly rescinded because they didn't think about the fact that while they didn't give narcs or benzos, they DID give stimulants for ADHD all the time (it was a pediatric residential long term psych facility). Let me tell you, that really hurt. Like, I stayed in bed for weeks after that and stopped job hunting.

When I started applying again, I made sure that once I landed my very next interview, every person who had any level of say-so in the decision to hire me was well aware, from my mouth, of the very detailed description of my program and my restrictions.

It's much easier to be denied straight up front than wait to drop details after you have an offer and then have the offer rescinded. It devastated me emotionally at the time.

But that has only been my experience.

When I landed that next interview, I had had to have an HR recruiter interview before I could move on to the next interview with the director. As soon as I realized in that interview that the position couldn't accommodate all my restrictions, I actually stopped the interview immediately mid-way and told her straight up that I was in HPMP and, unfortunately, the restrictions wouldn't fit.

I was very surprised I didn't have to explain the program to the HR recruiter...she said that she had worked with HPMP before, but it had been a while. So I filled her in on the program and my restrictions.

Turned out that just the day prior, the director of a different unit had REQUESTED to be sent only HPMP candidates for a position!!

Because I had "come out" to the HR recruiter in that phone interview, she ended up getting very excited about me being in HPMP. Talk about a surreal experience.

She asked if I was okay being scheduled with an interview for that unit...of course I said hella yes!

I had my interview the next day and had an offer from HR that evening, which I accepted. Turns out the director has some cool reasons for having HPMP people and she is well versed in working with the program...

What sealed the deal for her to hire me, she said, is the specialization of the Master's degree that I am in the middle of. She had been really wanting someone with that credential eventually working in a specific program she runs (I'm getting my LSATP). To be honest, there aren't a ton of LSATPs in Virginia she said, and I was the first person who also had a BSN that she had ever encountered.

So far, I've made it through the background check and completed my onboarding (my license has always been clean and I have no criminal record, mercifully). My case worker has already spoken with the director, and that went well.

As long as the proverbial floor doesn't drop out from under me (which it could!) for some reason I can't foresee, I start orientation September 5th.

I never EVER would have gotten this job if I hadn't mentioned my participation in HPMP and my significant restrictions since is my first return to practice (I have 1 year down, 4 to go) to the HR recruiter during that first interview.

Now, I am VERY well aware that I unequivocally found the needle in the job haystack, but even if this job fell through, I'd rather be knocked out earlier in the process than have to deal with the emotions I felt having my other job offer rescinded.

All the best to you.

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