Tips from the pros on how to get into UR/ Case Mgmt

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Hi! I am a relatively new grad working on a Med/Surg floor. I am lucky in that I also have the chance to work on the OB floor and in ED.

I love my job and my coworkers, however I do have a neuro disease. Thankfully (VERY thankfully!) it does not impact me at the present moment. However, I cannot see working the next 30 years in acute care physically.

I have always been interested in Case Management and UR. I have worked in private practice for years prior to MedSurg, so I have some experience on that side. I will be pursing my MSN in either Case Management or Informatics soon.

What are your recommendations for getting into a CM/ UR position?

What certifications should I obtain? How many years on the floor are generally required?

Would getting an MSN with a few years of floor experience enable me to be considered for CM/UR positions?

Thanks a million!


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Prior to getting that MSN, try talking to your current employer's CM/UR department and ask if there are openings or if he/she would consider hiring you to train and work for them. I am not saying not to go back to school; I am just stating that it is not necessary to get a CM/UR job. Most of us do not have degrees in Case Management and never will (speaking for myself). Also, certs are not obtainable until you gain work experience in this field, at least not the ones that count, so do not worry about it now. Plus, start networking with Case Managers on your floor and in the community (try joining the local Case Management Society of America chapter Case Management Society of America > Chapter > Find a Chapter). Good luck.

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I agree with the above response. Obtaining your MSN is not necessary for case management. Networking at Case Management meetings would be extremely helpful. Certification requires experience. One option for obtaining Case Management experience is working as a Home Hospice Nurse as these are often case management positions that are easier to obtain. Once the time is put in, obtaining certification is important. The type of certification depends on where you want to work. I am more familiar with CCM Certification and it is preferred if you would like to work at an insurance company.