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any tips for Post-partum?

by Popcorn1 Popcorn1 (New) New Nurse

Hello everyone,

I'll be floating throughout different units, postpartum being one of them, I need any tips you all can give me to be an awesome postpartum nurse.

Be gentle and kind to them. They are in there most vulnerable state right now. Make sure they know to change there babies diaper, making sure there baby latches correctly, and to show no judgment for any vaccines or feeding decisions. All were doing is helping, not judging them! Make sure they have everything they need, water, pads, and diapers for mom. Offer to help them go to the bathroom, especially c-sec patients. When they go home, hook them up with lots of formula (if they choose to feed that way), diapers and wipes! Good luck. A nice, helpful postpartum nurse is remembered for the rest of there lives. ☺️

Thank you!! @ladylovelyxo do you know of any resources to review the postpartum assessment for mom and baby?

Hey there! This isn't exactly an assessment per-say, your hospital will give you the run down on what is to be expected and what to chart. This is a pretty lengthy list, but this is SO beyond helpful. There are a lot of overwhelming terms in OB. There is also L&D material in here, but it can be helpful as I know a ton of postpartum nurses float there 🙂❤️ https://lms.RN.com/getpdf.php/1833.pdf

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I think the most important thing surrounding moms/babe/family is to educate, educate, educate. Explain when, how, what, where, and why every single time you walk in the room. Some couples/moms are more interested in learning and information than others, but I have found that explaining everything I do, and why, as well as educating them on whatever they are doing and why is KEY to patient satisfaction. Your patient's will be so happy with the care you give them and will feel and BE a more confident parent.

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